Palomar Max R Epilation Laser

Palomar Max R Epilation Laser

What kind of application is laser epilation?
The laser is absorbed into the hair-colored melanin and reaches the hair root, causing damage to the hair root. There are many hair removal laser technologies.  It would be beneficial for your doctor to decide which one to use, depending on the area to be applied and skin type. 

The hair follicles are damaged when the laser beams are absorbed and transferred from the pigments at a certain wavelength and the energy reaches the hair root. The exact result is achieved by taking into account important factors such as skin color, hair structure and width of the application area. obtained. For example, the most important factor is that Max R laser epilation technology can be applied faster in large areas compared to other laser technologies, thanks to its wide spots. Since the large spot size reaches the depth of the hair root, it provides precise and safe results. gives. 

Who are the unsuitable candidates for Laser Epilation?
The most important criterion for laser epilation is that your hairs are dark. Light-colored hairs, that is, hairs with less pigment, are not affected by the laser light. Additionally, you must be over 12 years old for this application.

With Max R, epilation can be performed for hair in unwanted areas for anyone whose skin color type is between Fitzpatrick 2-5.

Max R is an IPL System head developed for the epilation purpose of the Palomar ICON Platform.

*Wide spot size. It enables rapid applications on large areas such as back, legs and chest.

*46 x 16 mm spot size It is possible to make quick applications to large areas of the body.

*Thanks to Smooth Pulse Technology, epidermal heat is controlled and a safe and enjoyable application is offered to the patient.

With Palomar's Advance Contact Cooling system, it is cooled with a sapphire head before, during and after the application, thus ensuring maximum comfort and safety even at high energy.

Who Can Have Epilation with Max R?

Epilation with Max R can be applied to anyone with skin color type Fitzpatrick 2-5 for hair in unwanted areas.

How many? Is the session applied?

It can provide effective epilation in 3-4 sessions, depending on the thickness of the hair roots and the width of the surface in the area to be applied.

How long is the application period?

Wide spot size. Therefore, it can be applied in approximately 3 times shorter time than Alexsandrite Lasers.