Light Fill

Light Fill

Is the light filler different from other fillers?

The most important feature that makes the light filler different from other fillers is that it consists of hyaluronic acid, which does not contain cross-links, and a restructuring complex (8 amino acids). , 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and 1 vitamin). It returns the necessary substances that the skin has lost over time, and at the same time, cells such as collagen and elastin, which repair the skin, provide its elasticity and tighten it, are stimulated.

What is the purpose of light filling?

Hyaluronic acid and elastin are stimulated. It is the building block produced in the skin and gives moisture and flexibility to the skin, and its production decreases with age. The result of this is dryness, dull appearance and wrinkles on the skin. For this, hyaluronic acid should be injected into the skin externally. With light filling, thanks to the hyaluronic acid administered directly under the skin, the quality of the skin increases, creating a moist, bright and shiny appearance, and at the same time ensuring the recovery of the skin.

When is light filling effective?

The effect of light filling appears after 1 week due to the water-retaining properties of hyaluronic acid. Facial enlightenment and recovery occur. Much better results are obtained if light filling is performed 3 times at 1-month intervals.

To which areas can it be applied?

The most frequently applied areas are the face, neck, décolleté area and the back of the hand.

< h3>How long does the effect of the light filler last?

Although the effect is seen immediately after the light filler is applied, its effect becomes better after 1 week. Facial enlightenment and recovery occur. Much better results are obtained if light filling is performed 3 times at 1-month intervals. is taken. It has a durability of approximately 1 year. Repeated applications help increase the permanence time.

The permanence time of the light filler is around 1 year on average. However, these periods may vary depending on the person's gender, age, living conditions and genetic factors. Repeated applications help increase the permanence period.


Collagen is the most important protein that determines the health of body tissue. Collagen constitutes 70-75% of the protein in the skin and 25-30% of the body in total. Skin that has lost collagen cannot retain its moisture and dries out. Wrinkles begin to deepen. The skin looks aged.

Collagen vaccine or collagen face lift is the injection of type 1 collagen under the skin at 1-3 cm intervals. Depending on the skin condition, 4 sessions are applied with an interval of 2-4 weeks. Anesthetic cream is applied to the application area and waited for 30 minutes. It is then applied into the dermal layer, which is about 2 mm below the skin, at intervals of 1-3 cm. It is spread by massage after application. The process is completed by applying antibacterial cream and sunscreen.


  • For skin repair, renewal and restoration of natural beauty
  • Removing wrinkles on the hands and wrists
  • Removing deep scars that form over time on the neck and décolleté
  • Cheeks, jaw line, forehead and eyes. In the recovery of the gravity-related deficiencies that occurred during the