BODY SHAPE and SKIN RENEWAL with Endymed PRO 3Deep RF (Radio Frequency)

BODY SHAPE and SKIN RENEWAL with Endymed PRO 3Deep RF (Radio Frequency)

EndyMed Pro 3DEEP RF system, multi-source, phase-controlledü It is a unique system in which radio frequency energy is used together for the first time in the world. With this very special system using innovative technologies, it is possible to perform effective and safe applications on both the face and the body.

3D Deep is a technological application used in body shaping and skin renewal processes used in professional systems. RF means radio frequency. 

Technology comes up with a new development every day. This method is superior to the methods we used in the past and causes less damage to the skin. It sends deep energy to your tissues without causing pain, pain or burns on your skin. In this way, skin rejuvenation is achieved by stretching, regional thinning and shaping of the skin.

The skin heats up while applying radio frequency technology. With the effect of heating, energy reaches collagen. Meanwhile, an immediate effect begins to be observed on the skin. It is observed that collagens are triggered and excellent elasticity is formed in the skin. In this way, the skin remains young. and it gets a tight appearance.

Radiofrequency application technology has many advantages. Although it reaches very deep into the skin, it does not cause any effect or damage on skin color. It is one of the latest innovations in technology for skin tightening and skin shaping.

3D deep RF application is safer than the radiofrequency applications in its group. With its very safe application of energy, it does not harm the skin even when it reaches the lowest layers of the skin. For this reason, it is comfortable, reliable, effective and successful.

3D Deep RF application depends on the area to be applied and the skin needs; and problems vary from person to person. For this reason, application titles are selected by taking this into consideration. More successful results will be achieved by using appropriate titles.

It has a total of 5 heads used on the body and face areas:

1.Body Shaping
2.Body Tightening
3.Face Tightening
4.Skin peeling Fractional
5. Intensive RF Microneedle Treatment (Gold needle)

Where is Endymed 3 DEEP + FSR used?

For example, skin tightening on large body surfaces such as hips, hips and abdomen, cellulite treatment, and A body shaping head is used in the treatment of loss of elasticity in the skin.

The face lift head is used to tighten and shape the sagging of the neck, under the chin, forehead and crow's feet, as well as to tighten and shape lines and wrinkles.

Skin rejuvenation head is used in the treatment of wrinkles and scars in order to achieve a smooth appearance by helping to treat skin problems.

What to expect during EndyMed 3Deep treatment?
During the procedure, the deep skin layers gradually become warmer and the skin surface temperature is constantly monitored and reaches approximately 40°. It stays at C (hot shower temperature). Depending on the size of the area, EndyMed 3Deep treatment can last between 30-45 minutes and has no side effects and is painless.

What to expect immediately after EndyMed 3Deep treatment?

Following the application, there is no crusting or peeling on the skin, except for a slight redness. This allows Endymed 3 DEEP technology to be used even in summer months while protecting it from the sun.

He can continue all his routine activities immediately after treatment. Slight redness of the treatment area may occur a few minutes after treatment. There may be a difference in time.

Conclusionç Run away to see. session required?

Experts recommend up to six treatment sessions spaced one to two weeks apart to achieve your specific aesthetic goals. The improvement in the skin gradually increases throughout the treatment, but you will feel the difference after the second treatment. At least 2-3 sessions of 30-50 minutes are performed at 2-4 week intervals. Firmer and more natural looking. has a skin. Gradual improvement in the skin will continue after the sessions are completed.

What should be done to increase the permanence of the treatment?

A balanced diet, appropriate exercise program and healthy lifestyle will help to maintain the achieved effects for a long time.