Max Deep IR Laser

Max Deep IR Laser

Max Deep IR Laser and Fractional infrared head provides excellent tightening of the skin while reaching more depths safely with more heat.

Infrared is used during skin tightening and soft tissue coagulation applications. the beam reaches 6 mm below the dermis. Meanwhile, islands are formed in the dermis caused by deep heat. These islands of heat protect the epidermis by coagulating the tissue in the dermis and hypodermis. As a result of the skin's natural healing process, new tissue is formed, the skin regains its elasticity and becomes firmer.


Thanks to patented cooling technology, the skin is not damaged even at high temperatures. Excellent results are achieved for the patient. The depth that the heat can reach can be adjusted according to different anatomical regions. The person performing the application can make different settings according to the patient's needs. Skin tightening - The healing process is very short in soft tissue coagulation applications. Patients can immediately return to their daily activities.

 To whom is Max Deep IR Applied? 

It can be applied to all healthy people with sagging on the face, arms and body, for jowl melting and skin loosening.

 How Long Does Max Deep IR Last and How Many? How to Perform a Session? 

It is applied for 15 minutes - 45 minutes, depending on the width of the application area. Generally, 3-4 sessions are sufficient. After the application, the person immediately returns to his social life. Its effects begin to appear within 7-10 days. The full effect becomes apparent within 6 weeks.

 Is Max Deep IR Painful? Is anesthesia required? 

Max Deep IR is a painless method. It does not require any anesthesia.