It is an enzyme peeling that suppresses the formation of spots by reducing the amount of melanin in the skin, and is especially effective in the treatment of melasma and sun spots. 

What are the advantages of Dermamelan-Cosmela?

  • Can be applied to all skin types, in all seasons.
  • It does not contain peeling acids, the risk of side effects such as burning and pain is minimal.
  • Does not cause wounds on the skin.
  • It helps you have a bright, refreshed and blemish-free skin.

How does Dermamelan-Cosmelan work?

It suppresses the tyrosinase enzyme, which causes the skin color to darken in certain areas. As a result  Melanin formation decreases, the color of the darkened areas becomes lighter, and subsequent blemishes can be prevented.

In Which Situations Can Cosmelan-Dermamelan Be Applied?

  • For spots on the face and brown and dark spots on the body
  • Acne scars
  • In age spots,

What are the Application Areas?

  • Face,
  • Neck&cleavage,
  • Abdominal area,
  • Hand,
  • Leg

How to apply Dermamelan-Cosmelan?

The personalized package includes two products: a mask and a follow-up cream. The entire mask is applied to the entire skin at once by the doctor. The mask, which remains on the skin for approximately 8-12 hours, is washed and rinsed by the patient at home with warm water. The second stage, the follow-up cream, is applied regularly on a daily basis to the area where the first treatment was performed.

A lightening of the spots is observed 1 week after the application. In darker skinned people, it takes longer for the spots to disappear completely. The skin shines 2-3 weeks after the application and the spots disappear within 4-6 weeks.