ND Yag Laser (Epilation and Varicose Vein Treatment)

ND Yag Laser (Epilation and Varicose Vein Treatment)

What is Nd:YAG laser? 

Nd:YAG laser 1064 nm. It is a wavelength laser used in laser epilation, vein and spot treatment.


Usage Areas of Nd: YAG Laser:

  • Epilation
  • Non-ablative skin resurfacing (skin renewal without creating wounds)
  • Blue Veins (thickness up to 4 mm)
  • Talangiectasias (Capillary Veins) (Thin superficial ones)
  • Spider veins
  • Acne pimples
  • Nevus Flammeus /port wine stain (Wine stain - Stain caused by congenital superficial vasodilatation)
  • Cherry hemangiomas (swelling vascular enlargement from the skin)


What are the features of laser epilation with Nd:YAG laser?

Nd:YAG laser causes permanent hair loss by burning the roots of colored hair. Since Nd:YAG laser is not very sensitive to color, it is preferred for epilation by those with dark skin color and bronze skin. It does not burn dark skin.

Which hairs is Nd:YAG laser epilation effective on?

Nd:YAG laser epilation is used on fair-skinned, thick or thin hairs, It is effective in removing black and dark brown hair. Its effectiveness is low in light-skinned people and light brown hair. Nd:YAG laser can be used to remove black-brown and thick hair in people with dark skin color. It is also effective on light brown and thin hair in dark skinned people.

 How is Varicose Vein Treatment Performed with Nd-YAG Laser? 

Ö First of all, the person's veins are evaluated with Doppler ultrasonography. If there is no escape from the deep vein system to the superficial system, the patient is planned for varicose vein treatment with Nd YAG laser. It is effective on deep and superficial veins. Thickness 3-4mm’ It coagulates and destroys the vessels up to the. It also gives good results in superficial, less bloody and small capillary dilatations. receivable. Varicose veins and capillaries in the leg area can be easily treated with the proven effective Nd YAG laser, which has received FDA approval from the USA. Depending on the prevalence of varicose veins in the patient, 1-6 sessions of treatment are planned.


 What to Pay Attention to After Nd-YAG Laser Varicose Vein Treatment Should it be done? 

You can return to your daily activities immediately. first fewç Excessive exertion should be avoided during the day. Slight blistering and redness may occur in the treated areas. The area should be protected from the sun. If it is not covered with clothing, sunscreen with 15 SPF or higher should be used and the application area should be moistened with a good moisturizer.