It is the first gold needle RF technology developed by ENDYMED with FDA approval. Powered by unique 3DEEP RF technology. It is possible to make very special, effective, painless and fast applications with Intensif, whose effect is multiplied.

With its new RF technology, Intensif creates a high effect under the skin with minimum pain and does not cause skin damage.

ENDYMED fractional RF  How does it work?

As a system that can penetrate the skin to a depth of 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm with a head containing 25 specially designed microneedles and deliver radiofrequency energy to the entire area it passes through, it is a controlled system. It creates damage and can treat problems in the epidermis and dermis simultaneously by stimulating collagen fibers.

Areas of use:

*Treatment of fine and deep wrinkles on the face
*Inflammatory acne treatment, sebum balancing

*Acne scar treatment
*Blemish treatment
*Skin roughness, enlarged por treatment
*Treatment of sagging jowls, neck lines, wrinkles and looseness in the décolleté
/>*Eyelid sagging treatment
*Capillary vascular treatment
*Improvement in lymph circulation and drainage
*Shrinkage and reduction of fat cells
*Skin crack treatment
*Recovery of arm, leg and inner leg sagging
*Regional slimming and tightening
*Thinning and tightening in the abdominal area
*Liposuction Tightening loose skin tissue before and after
*Making the skin surface taut, tightened and smooth
*Cellite treatment

What is seen after application?

Immediately after the application, some redness occurs on the skin and disappears within hours. Although very rare, swelling may occur, especially around the eyes. This disappears within 1-2 days. After application, moisturizing the skin and protecting it from the sun is recommended. Application can be done in all seasons.

How many? session is applied?

It is ideal to apply 3 sessions one month apart, but even after the first session, the effect on the skin is immediately visible and the effect gradually increases with each session. The physician can determine the number and interval of sessions according to need. It can be combined with vitamins and PRP during the session. Its effectiveness continues for up to 1 year. Annual repetition is recommended.