"I went for my facial hair removal, we did Q switch laser, and I saw its effect very clearly after the first session. She is so attentive, friendly, and gentle that I go with confidence every time. She explains the procedures clearly one by one. I am very satisfied."

"Burcu Hanım and her assistant are very sweet and sympathetic... They give confidence and peace to people. It's clear that they are experts in their field and they do their job with love. Thank you for your attention and effort. Although I went for a consultation and did not want to decide and have the procedure done quickly, they immediately did my Botox and lip filler. There is very mild pain and discomfort... She completed my procedures carefully in a short time."

"I had a closed comedone problem that had been going on for 7 months. Thanks to the treatment and application applied by the doctor, in a short period of 2-3 weeks, there were almost no comedones left on my face. I thank her for her attention and knowledge."

"Burcu Hanım is truly an expert Dermatologist. She answers all your questions in a way that leaves no doubt in your mind. She treats you according to your needs. The products she uses are of high quality and provide long-lasting results. I had Botox and filler procedures done and I am very satisfied. I continue to get treatments from her. I recommend my smiling and beautiful doctor to everyone. Let's not forget her beautiful and smiling secretary as well."

"I am very satisfied. The effect of the filler started to show immediately. Everything is smooth for now. I recommend it. They are very smiling and attentive. Burcu Hanım is a very gentle and sweet lady. I thank her very much."

"Previously, I had Botox done twice at another place, or I thought I had it done. After seeing the Botox done by Burcu Hanım, I realized how unsuccessful the first ones were. Incredibly meticulous and careful. Also, she explained what I needed without me even asking, offering options very clearly. I definitely recommend her. I'm so glad I went. Thank you very much to her."