Ulthera® What is it?

Ulthera®, which is among the new methods, is one of the latest developments in non-surgical, injection-free, medical aesthetic applications. It is possible to prevent the damage caused by time and gravity on our skin with Ultherapy, a non-surgical face lifting method. It is a modern facelift procedure that does not require the patient to stay away from social life and targets deep tissue layers using micro-focused ultrasound.

Ulthera® How does it work?

Ulthera® With its localized heating feature whose depth is precisely adjusted, it focuses solar energy in a magnifying glass. such as, never reaches the surface of the skin. It sends micro-focused ultrasound energy under the skin to heat the tissue from the outside without damaging it. With the increase in temperature created in the lower layers of the skin, new collagen production is triggered by initiating the skin's self-repair process. Thus, a tightening and 'lifting' effect is achieved on the skin.

How is Ultherapy applied?

The specialist who will perform the application first touches the application head to the skin and sees the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Examines and plans the work area. Then, with the same application head, thermal damage focuses 4.5 mm and 3 mm below the skin, allowing the skin to benefit positively from this. The skin surface is not destroyed during this process. During the procedure, the application is made by viewing the subcutaneous tissues on the screen.

What is felt during the application?

A pain like 'needle prick' is felt during the application. This means that ultrasound energy reaches deep into the tissue. Pain may be felt, especially in bony areas, but this pain is not unbearable. The slight pain sensation that may be felt during the procedure can be reduced by taking a painkiller and local anesthetic creams before the procedure.

What is seen on the skin after the application?

Immediately after the application. The person can return to his/her daily activities. There is nothing to be careful about. Although some people experience redness after the application, this situation lasts for a few minutes. It returns to normal after an hour.

What is the difference of the application from other non-surgical face lift procedures?

Ulthera is the 'only' skin rejunevation method using focus ultrasound technology. . Thanks to its reliable technology, it is possible to achieve effective and satisfactory results with a single application on the skin.

To which areas is Ultherapy applied?

  • Ç ;Looseness and sagging in the chin area
  • Loss of jaw line
  • Cheek sagging
  • Downward turning of the corners of the mouth
  • Sagging skin around the neck and eyes
  • Low eyebrows

What are the advantages?

  • It is the only non-surgical procedure that tightens the skin on the neck and face
  • It does not affect the patient's social life at all. It is a single 30-60 minute application that does not cause any disruption
  • It is independent of skin color, does not require pre- or post-treatment care
  • Can be adjusted according to the patient's needs
  • 90- It gets better in 180 days, its obvious effect lasts for 1 year or
  • more
  • It treats much deeper levels than laser and radiofrequency
  • >

Is Ultherapy a reliable method?

Ultrasound energy has been used in medicine for more than 50 years and has proven to have no side effects in clinical trials. Ulthera is an American F.D.A approved device. It has been proven in clinical studies that it does not have any side effects.

Who are suitable candidates for Ulthera application?

All people with loose or sagging skin are suitable. Obvious results are seen especially between the ages of 40-65 as the skin structure loosens. is taken. Again, you are young; It is a good indication for early ages for facelift surgery. Sometimes patients may not want to have surgery and may be afraid of complications and anesthesia. This situation is a good indication for ulthera.

What kind of result? What should be expected?

With a single application, the regeneration process starts immediately, but the full result occurs after 60-90 days.

Neck and People who had the application applied to the facial area stated that they had tighter, tighter and better quality skin.

How long does the effect of the application last?

Immediately after the application. The skin begins to recover and reaches the desired ideal appearance after 3 months. The result obtained after a single application; It is kept for at least a year.