Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA

What is Salmon DNA Treatment?

Salmon DNA treatment, which is very popular today, uses pure hyaluronic acid and DNA obtained from salmon sperm. It is one of the skin rejuvenation methods in which molecules are used for cell renewal in the skin. It is also commonly known as the youth vaccine. It is widely demanded for its rapid revitalization and rejuvenation effect.

What are the Benefits of Salmon DNA for the Skin?

The most important benefit that Salmon DNA treatment provides to the skin is three It has benefits. One of the most beneficial of these is its ability to extra moisturize the skin. Salmon contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid in its DNA. Hyaluronic acid is also extremely helpful in moisturizing the skin.

The second benefit is that it makes the skin look more vibrant and brighter. It provides this with its enriched content such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and inorganic salts.

One of the most important effects is the stimulation of collagen production. It contains Salmon fish DNA. Salmon's DNA contains the DNA structure most similar to human DNA. For this reason, Salmon DNA injected into humans stimulates collagen production very strongly by affecting the person's DNA structure, and it is seen that the person's skin becomes tighter and fuller, usually within a period of 3-4 months.

To Whom Can Salmon DNA Be Applied?

Salmon DNA treatment is applied for anti-aging purposes, that is, to eliminate fine lines on the skin due to its anti-aging effect. If filler is not applied to a very hollow face, Salmon DNA treatment can be applied to weak faces that do not want fillers to give volume.

It can also be applied to very dry skin to provide moisture to the skin. can be applied.

Salmon DNA juvenile vaccine is needed. It is a procedure that can be applied to everyone.

To whom Salmon DNA cannot be applied?

Salmon dna youth vaccine is generally a young skin that can be applied to everyone. It is a method of integration. However, in order to take precautions;

  • Diabetic patients,
  • Atherosclerosis and stroke; It is not recommended to be applied to people with a history of bleeding,
  • Blood clotting disorders,
  • Heart disease
  • Pregnant people.
< h4>When is Salmon DNA Applied?

It can be applied to all skin types in all seasons, but; It provides better protection of the skin against sunlight, especially if applied before summer.

What is the Salmon DNA Session Duration?

Salmon DNA procedures should be applied for 4-5 sessions, generally once every 14 days.

When Does It Show Its Effect?

Salmon DNA treatment It shows its effect after 3-4 sessions.

After the treatment is completed, the improvement in the skin actually continues within months. After completing these 4-5 sessions, it is important to repeat the process once a year or once every 6 months to increase the duration of the effect.

Things to Consider After Salmon DNA

After Salmon DNA treatment, the patient can continue his daily life. It has no common side effects. In some cases, sensitive skin may experience only a slight redness, but this is temporary.