Dermapen Application

Dermapen Application

 What kind of application is Dermapen?

A device that makes hundreds of microscopic punctures on the skin surface with a device that has many millimetric needles on its tip, thus initiating the skin's own natural healing mechanism. It is a needling method. 

How does Dermapen application work? 

The aim of this treatment is to provide controlled treatment with minimal damage to the skin.  It is the restructuring of the skin by creating millimetric wounds. During the application, 0.5-2.5mm long needles are applied to the upper skin with a 1cm² 250-500 microchannels are created in . In order to close the wounds caused by these channels, the skin tries to repair itself by increasing blood circulation in that area and secreting various growth factors. In addition, various vitamins, enzymes and even PRP solution applied to the skin surface during the procedure can be used to be transmitted under the skin through these microchannels. As a result, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin production is triggered and skin renewal occurs in that area.

In which areas can Dermapen be used?

  • Skin renewal and rejuvenation< /li>
  • Reducing fine wrinkles
  • Tightening pores
  • Blemish treatment
  • Removing acne scars
  • Treatment of stretch marks
  • Hair Hair loss treatment 

Is the procedure painful?

With anesthetic creams applied 20-30 minutes before the application, there is no feeling of pain during the procedure.

What should be taken into consideration after the application?

Slight pinking, small bleeding areas and burning sensation on the skin after the treatment will decrease within an average of 6 hours and disappear within 1-2 days. It will disappear by itself within n. After the procedure, you should protect yourself from the sun. It is recommended to avoid make-up, excessive sports, hot showers, saunas and baths for two days.

Do not use Dermapen. A session is applied and how is the frequency of application?

2-10 sessions are applied, depending on the purpose of the application and the area treated. The interval between two procedures is about 1-4 weeks.

When does the effect begin?

Visible results begin approximately 6 weeks after the procedure, with the maximum effect occurring in 3 months.

When can Dermapen application be done?

It is a very safe application. It can be done at any age, on any skin type, even in the summer months.