Dermapen-Demaroller Application

Izmir Dermapen-Dermaroller Application

Dermapen application, which started in ancient times in China and continues to be used until today, is a treatment for many skin diseases. can be used. Dermapen, which is suitable for all skin types, is the "most effective solution" for all skin complaints, from fine wrinkles to sagging skin, from pore treatment to blemish removal. It is considered as a method. Tightening the skin is more peaceful. Dermapen application, which is actively used to have a lively appearance, does not cause any irritation or wounds on the skin. Izmir dermapen application provides "exact solutions and effective results". Known for Dr. Burcu Demirdöver benefits from dermapen applications in many areas related to cosmetic applications. You can find the answers to many questions such as what is the dermapen application, what is the dermaroller, why is it done, how is it done, what are the benefits, to whom dermapen cannot be applied, what are the dermapen fees in this content.

What are Dermaroller and Dermapen?

Aesthetic methods are also taking shape with the developing technology and every day, a brand new application is offered to solve aesthetic problems. can be offered. The renewal of actively used methods along with the development of technology also enables solutions to these problems in a shorter period of time and from a broader perspective. Same purpose. Dermapen and dermaroller, which can be called two different methods that work for you, are also applications that have evolved with technology. Dermapen and dermaroller applications, which are used to give the skin a new appearance and revitalization, are frequently preferred by both men and women.

Dermaroller, just like dermapen, is constantly applied on the skin. It is the process of opening channels into the skin with 1-2 mm sized needles placed on a rotating mechanism. Dermaroller, which is used to treat problematic skin, also stimulates the skin and keeps it young. ensures it remains. Its effective results in as little as 8 sessions. Dermaroller and dermapen, which please everyone with their products, ensure the delivery of important minerals and mixtures to the skin thanks to micro-sized holes like dermapen.

Dermaroller and dermapen, effect and result; In terms of their methods, they are the same as each other. However, the only difference between dermaroller and dermapen procedures is the ease of application. Since Dermaroller is an old-style procedure, it offers a single needle option and cannot be used easily in every area. However, the dermapen method is a device equipped with the latest technology and provides ease of operation with needles of different sizes in different areas. In short; dermaroller and dermapen effect and result While it gives similar results in terms of skin care, it may offer restrictions to the practitioner according to the number of areas.

How Does Dermapen- Dermaroller Work?

Skin & Three There are "thousands" of particles on it, invisible to the naked eye at micro levels. Dermapen application, which creates small micro channels, is one of the frequently preferred "cosmetic applications" today. It is located between. Dermapen, with the very small millimetric needles it contains, opens small channels that are invisible to the eye but can be perceived by the skin, creating the perception that there is a wound on the skin. In this way, the skin aims to eliminate the problem by directing repair mechanisms there. It applies the mechanisms that exist in the body and have a healing and restorative effect to "problem areas". Dermapen application, which is used for pulling, thus renews and rejuvenates the skin. Dermapen application, which can also be applied together with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and PRP, can provide much more effective results to the skin. In other words, "healing cells" obtained from the person's own blood. By opening the micro channels with the help of dermapen, it goes under the skin and starts to work quickly.

When 15 passes are made in an average area of 2 square centimeters on the skin, 250 to 500 holes can be opened. In these holes, "collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid" are produced. Production starts immediately. In fact, all of these substances "renew, rejuvenate and tighten the skin". Important items. Therefore, dermapen application gives the necessary appearance by providing the skin with the innovation and tension it deserves. In which skin diseases are Dermapen and Dermaroller not applied?

It provides a "healing and healing effect" on the skin. rejuvenating” The use of the dermapen, which is effective and widely used, is not recommended for some diseases and conditions below:

  • Inflammatory Rosacea (Rose Disease)
  • Skin infection ( Fungus, Herpes)
  • Active acne
  • Skin cancers
  • Warts
  • Predisposition to keloid
  • Solar keratosis
  • Open wounds
  • HIV carrier
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Immune deficiencies
  • < li>Severe liver failure

How is the Dermapen- Dermaroller Method Applied?  

When the makeup residue on the skin is removed and the disinfection process of the skin is completed, the skin is ready for dermapen application. After applying pure Hyaluronic acid to the area, the dermapen device is placed perpendicular to the skin and microscopic channels are opened on the skin surface thanks to 0.22 mm micro needles. The skin's healing mechanisms start to work fully actively after about 30-40 minutes and the process is completed. After the Dermapen application, an adhesive peptide mask is applied to the skin and the person can easily go home after the procedure.

How Many Dermapen- Dermaroller Applications? Does the session last?

"Collagen", which virtually activates the firmness, flexible structure and durability of the skin. and “elastin” Dermapen application, which provides synthesis, also has a blood circulation-increasing effect. Dermapen application, which is recommended to be done once a month and four times, is recommended by the "doctor". It can be done at different frequencies if recommended. In dermapen application, which is done by looking at the extent of damage to the skin, normally there is a 1 month interval between sessions and seriously visible results are achieved in 2-3 sessions. Dermapen application for wrinkle treatment, which should be done by taking into account age criteria, is evaluated and planned by the doctor.

What are the Advantages of Dermapen- Dermaroller Application?

Dermapen, need for leather It is very advantageous in terms of providing the tightness and stretching required. Another advantage of dermapen is that it has serious positive effects on reducing fine lines.

Its effect is visible on stretch marks and skin loosening, which many women have problems with. Dermapen application, which is at 4 degrees, can be safely applied to every skin type and area. Thanks to the dermapen application, which supports the development of collagen tissue, the desired appearance can be achieved in a shorter time than expected.

Where is Dermapen Applied?

Surgeries Dermapen application gives good results for many conditions, especially scarring, that occur on the skin afterwards. Dermapen, which is also an ideal application in areas of the body with tissue loss, is often used on hands, neck, hair. It is applied to the regions. Dermapen application, which is frequently preferred because it gives rapid results in acne, blemishes, cracks and cellulite, is used only when the doctor deems it appropriate. It can also be applied to areas.

What is the Average Cost of Dermapen- Dermaroller Application?

When does Dermapen show its effect The question is often asked by many people who are considering getting a dermapen. When the expected effects become visible at the end of 6 weeks, prices for dermaroller application, which lasts 8 to 10 months, vary depending on many factors, from the center where the application is performed to the doctor. For this reason, be sure to contact your doctor or the center about dermaroller fees.

Izmir dermapen application prices about "net". get information from dr. You can contact Burcu Demirdöver, so that you can both answer your questions and make an appointment in a short time.