Cheekbone and Cheek Filler

Cheekbone and Cheek Filling Izmir

Cheekbone filling or cheek filling procedure is performed by Dermatology Specialist Dr. in Izmir. It is successfully done by Burcu Demirdöver. Cheekbone filling procedure is used for younger patients. It is an application preferred by those who want to have fuller cheeks. The lively look on your face; It is associated with the cheekbones and cheek. The procedure performed to make the front and middle parts of the cheeks and cheekbones more prominent is called cheek filling.

Izmir Cheekbone and Cheek Filling Application

With cheekbone filler and cheek filler, our clients can generally get rid of the tired expression on their faces. Cheek filling procedure, which is performed to have a tighter skin, is applied to much younger women. and we can say that it is the new key to looking healthy. Due to aging, the elastic fibers in the skin degenerate and collagen quality deteriorates. In addition, there is both a decrease and a shift in the fat layer under our skin over time. This situation causes sagging in the cheek area and the lively appearance of the skin. It is the main reason for hair loss.

The parts that make the expression on the face clear are considered to be the cheek and cheekbones.  When filling the cheekbones, which make the person's facial features more pronounced, the filling process should be done very well, and care should be taken not to spoil the naturalness of the face.

Performance of Cheekbone and Cheek Filling

Different methods are used when performing facial filling. This procedure can be performed with fat obtained from the person's own fat tissue, but this is a surgical procedure. Synthetic filler is injected to gain the desired volume for patients who want to have a quick and simple cheek filler procedure without anesthesia. In this way, a much livelier and fuller appearance is created on the cheeks.

How Long Does the Cheekbone Filling Procedure Take?

Filler to be applied to the cheekbone or cheek area takes approximately 15-30 minutes. After the procedure, cooled gels or ice compresses are used to reduce edema and possible bruising.

Cheekbone Filler Prices

Cheek filler or Prices for zygomatic filling vary depending on the person's needs. To get answers to all your questions about cheekbone filler and to have the procedure done in a short time, contact Dr. You can reach Burcu Demirdöver at any time via her contact numbers. Serving as a dermatologist in Izmir, Dr. Contact Burcu Demirdöver now, add volume to your cheeks with cheekbone filler!